Monday, 24 September 2007

Camp food roxor

You changed the title before I could even post! Cheeky monkey!

I wanted to share my little camping gem with you. It's pretty simple, and I made it up, but it was very delicious.
We seem to have this habit of eating very well while camping. It's a great habit - not like smoking, what kills you dead.
A few weekends ago we made a bridge at the new Festy site, and stayed over. I had most of a lamb leg* in the freezer, and I chucked in some random ingredients to plan something palatable later.
The vauge procedure went like this:
  • Browned the meat (and random bits of meat/fat) in dutch oven, as well as I could as some of it was on the bone.
  • Tipped in lots of harissa, and cooked it a little further.
  • Threw in a sprinkle of spices I'd prepared earlier - a jar containing paprika, cumin, corriander and salt. Tossed it about some more.
  • A tin of tomatoes, a bit of water, and let the whole thing stew.
  • Towards the end of it, some chopped carrots, sweet potato and onion.
  • I have a plastic tub I bought honey in, that had dry couscous in it - I boiled some water and made couscous the easy way.
  • Then we ate it.

It was so good, I reheated the left overs for lunch the next day. There was even some couscous left.

I guess the real reason I was so chuffed that this worked out is based around the circumstances. It was raining for most of the cooking time, the wood was wet, it was dark (though head torches are great). But it was delicious, and a great meal after a day of hauling logs.

No, that's not a euphamism for anything.

*The 'most of a lamb leg' was because I had needed some diced lamb, and the butcher guys didn't have any left. So I hacked at a leg, and froze the rest. simple, really.

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