Monday, 15 October 2007

Wet rice good

I really like making risotto. Sure, you spend most of your time standing there, stiring the fugger, but it's rewarding (notice that only losers say that kinda shit? huh.)

Ok, came across this tasty little recipe on the interwebz. I was a bit dubious - after all, the guy: looks like he'd be happier making risotto halfway up a mountain, even with the name Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (but hell, so would I!) but it also contains NO GARLIC!!!!!
That's how you can tell it's British.
But deep frying sage leaves? Friggin' inspired. They crumble so nicely as a garnish. Num. And add some deep fried prosciutto, and Bob's a close relative.
So, without further ado, here's a link.
My tips? I put in about as much garlic as I can stand. Which is about a head. And I add prosciutto, deep fried and chopped small, as garnish. The butter makes the whole thing amazing, and it doesn't need cheese.
Add white wine = tasty dinner.

I'm considering trying some more of the recipes on the BBC site, as this one works pretty well. After all, Clarissa Dickson-Wright features too.
I'll let you know.


Dr Nik said...

Yah, I actually find the BBC site quite good for recipies. Its not "cooking for dummies" also that I like.

You forgot the important part of rissoto. Drinking the glass of chilled sav. blanc. as you slowly stir it. VERY IMPORTANT

Baggy Trousers said...

Yeah, i did!
I once bought a bottle of very nice wine, thinking I had to add it to this recipe. Openned it, and read the recipe - it didn't need it.
Had to drink whole bottle by self!