Sunday, 24 May 2009


I've recently discovered gnocchi. It's more exciting than pasta, and can live in the freezer for emergencies. But I need ideas of what to put on it.
The first time round, I think we just had parsley/rocket/basil chopped finely, parmesan cheese and a drizzle of oil. I do remember it being tasty.

Tonight, I thought I'd make a sauce.
I've thrown half an onion (I had it lying around) and some garlic in a pan. Let them saute. Thrown in a chorizo, thinly sliced (everything's thinly sliced) and movd it around a fair bit, until some of the fat is leaving the sausage. I've tipped a can of diced toms and half my glass of red in it. There's also a big bay leaf and a spring of thyme. And cracked pepper.
I thought I'd let it simmer until the tomato has collapsed, and it's thicker.

I'll let you know if it works.

It were well tasty!
In the last 10 minutes or so I cooked it on high with the lid off, to help it turn into a sticky mess. Added a bit of gnocchi water when it got too dry, and that was great - the floury water helped to sauce it up good.
Served it with lots of parsley (standard 'green' around my house) and parmesan cheese.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh! I was hoping you'd found a super-easy recipe for actually making it!

Tav's used to serve gonky with a three cheese sauce so full of gorgonzola it would make Spyd and I scratch before we had finished the dish. ohh arrgh mmmm... gooey, sticky, way too rich and hurt-enducing heaven.

we eat gonky with anything that you;d usually stick on pasta. yum.

Mz. B.Trousers said...

I've been buying small bags of it from the market supermarket, and popping them in the ffreezer. Perfect for a meanl for 2 and 1/3. The 1/3 is lunch.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

yah, we keep all our fresh pasta in the freezer. that way it's handy to cook but not so handy that the Naughtiest Little Coeliac doesn't go through it like a train. the rotter.

Mousicles said...

Tav's gorgonzola gnocci was fabulous! It was years before I discovered gorg was blue! I don't tend to like mouldy cheese.

We need to reinvent that wheel!!!!

Mz. B.Trousers said...

You can keep your stinky cheese in your bunghole!!