Saturday, 5 September 2009

Epic fail!

The jam doesn't seem to have worked. Way too runny, Don't know why. Perhaps I should have let it boil a little longer? I know I added too much vanilla essence (didn't have a pod).
I wonder if it would taste OK with ice cream?

I don't eat ice cream.
Maybe on muesli!


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

swirled through a pound/madeira cake recipe. or muffins. or added to fruit in a crumble. or blobbed into Black Eyed Susans. I could go on...

Mz. B.Trousers said...

You have the creatives going on, speedy!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

also, from TDN(tm) -

* yes, boil for longer
* make sure you simmer the fruit for longer to make sure it's broken down well (I told her I could still see bits of apple in the jam)

something I just read on a recipe site somewhere (bookmarks? what are bookmarks) mentions that it's also important to make sure the fruit is well stewed before adding the sugar. my guess for that is that once you add the sugar the process changes and the fruit is no longer stewing, it's being made into syrupy jamminess. when I had a squizz at the recipe you used, they said to marinate the fruit in the sugar. so maybe that's not going to work well for hard plums - they need to be well cooked first.

Mz. B.Trousers said...

Perhaps. I was just following the rec.
I might try a different one next time